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1. All members of the audience should be appropriately dressed for the performance, all members of the audience must have a valid ticket to enter the auditorium. 2. No food and drink is permitted in the auditorium. 3. Children under 1m in height are not permitted in the auditorium, children over 1m in height are required to purchase separate tickets. Except the performances specially arranged for children. 4. Please do not take photographs or make audio or video recordings in the auditorium without permission. 5. Please make sure all pagers and mobile phones are switched off during the performance. 6. If you have brought children with you, please do not let them run around in the auditorium, so that they do not fall and hurt themselves. 7. Please remain silent during the performance. 8. Please remain seated while the performance is in progress. 9. Latecomers will be asked to wait at the entrance of the auditorium until there is a break in the performance. We asked the any latecomers enter the auditorium quietly under the supervision of ushers. 10. If you leave the auditorium during the interval, please obtain a ticket-stub from one of the ushers so that you maybe readmitted. 11. Smoking and chewing gum are strictly prohibited in the auditorium. 12. Please store coats and purses in our cloakroom on the south side of the lobby before you enter the auditorium. 13. Toilets are located on either side of the lobby. 14. Tickets sold are non-fundable and non-exchangeable. 15. In case of emergencies, please don¡¯t panic, follow the directions of our staff and exit in order. Thank you for your cooperation and we hope you will enjoy yourselves in the theatre.

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